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In evidenza - The certified quality


The certified quality

In evidenza - From the project to the finished product

Areas of operation

From the project to the finished product

In evidenza - The opportunities for your future

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The opportunities for your future

Our commitment for
our customers' satisfaction

The company policy on Quality, the Environment and the Occupational Health and Safety is defined by our choice of direction and will remain in tune with the company's guidelines. We aim to meet the requirements of our customers as well as all parties involved (both internal and external to the company) and the constant will to improve our performance.
For success, our management directs it's attention at:

  • Ensuring and maintaining the quality of the works carried out to the highest standard

  • A quality customer service with, constant improvements

  • Maintaining an active role within corporate structure to promote the continuous improvement and effectiveness of Support groups

The constant communication the company maintains with its customers, (acquired or potential ones) aims at creating a proactive cooperation. The latter helps in understanding the customers' needs and expectations while at the same time allowing the customers to be acquainted with available products and services.
Leo Constructions uses several means to continue a high standard of Customer Satisfaction. One of them is the following questionnaire that can be filled in anonymously. It is an important instrument used by us to keep tracks on the important relationship we have with our customers.

Please fill in the questionnaire and send it to: comunicazione@leoconstructions.com

Questionario di valutazione del servizio reso:

Questionario di valutazione

in focus

Real estate agency

On Site

On Site

Behind a building there are men and crafts. A look towards "simple stories" on a building site to tell the "main Story" of life and work."Crafts on the building site" is a visual trip in the world of constructions. Coming soon online...

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Rules, the pillars of our work

Rules, the pillars of our work

When a team shares work and life experiences on a daily basis, they have to face together difficult moments, success, obstacles, and satisfaction. It is possible to do it at the utmost, only considering specific values that become a refe...

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The certified quality

The certified quality

Being able to build means to have control of all working phases to guarantee the highest quality of goods and services.
Therefore, the core values for Leo Constructions are: quality, environment and safety.
This is the reason...

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The opportunities for your future

The opportunities for your future

Leo Constructions is always looking for qualified personnel with skills, passion and desire to enrich their professional career aiming to a continuous improvement of themselves and the company.

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07 settembre 2020


La svolta green per la propria casa è un sogno che adesso può diventare realtà. Grazie al Super Ecobonus 110% istituito col Decreto Rilancio, è possibile riqualificare l’abitazione dal punto di vista energetico praticamente...

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Via A. Solari, 12 Milano
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