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Leo Constructions, shaping your dreams

Buildings that look to the future.

When the project comes to life it becomes a living space and an integrated part of the urban landscape. It is evident that Leo Constructions hold a extensive "knowledge of Construction", the result of more than fifty years of activity and ability to look at the future.

Leo Constructions can currently offer a wide range of services, from the design to the implementation of civil projects, renovations, restorations and plant design tailoring different solutions to the needs of the customers.

Building techniques: a proven balance.

When tradition meets innovation. With half a century of history, Leo Constructions has treasured the memory of traditional construction methods and still to this day rely on the expertise of master craftsmen, stone masons, Conservator-restorers, and connoisseurs of irreplaceable and inimitable antique techniques.

The recognised experience of the antique craft is enriched by the constant research, training, acquisition of new techniques and continuous investment in order to provide the skilled workers with the most modern equipment available on the market.

Particular attention is paid to the use of cutting-edge products and environmentally friendly materials, confirming our strong sensitivity to environmental and ecological issues.

Achievements: the signs of building knowledge.

Residential and industrial construction, commercial and business centres, private homes and tourist facilities. The achievements of Leo Constructions is distinguished by the attention to detail and the choice of materials and technical solutions designed to ensure safety and quality.

Projects in progress: the projects and work in progress signed by Leo.

Leo Constructions is currently committed in the building of various projects, where the daily dedication and the synergy of professionalism aim to constantly improve housing and the quality of living.