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Leo Constructions, a signature of quality

With constant work and half a century of experience searching for the highest quality and competency, Leo Constructions have become an outstanding company in the building sector.

We are a strong company with extraordinary values and a passionate management, careful about quality, the environment and safety.

With ongoing development of our management and workforce, we have created a team of highly qualified professionals, with continuous investment, training and support and careful selection of our partners and suppliers enables us to tackle even the toughest challenge.

Relying on Leo Constructions to build, renovate or restore a building means securing peace of mind. This is all down to our strive for the highest quality and second to none reliability.

The story: two generations, one passion.

Leo Constructions, a story of work and values. The story of Leo Constructions like most other stories starts in a simple way. We started as a small family-run business and went on to pave our way within building sector. Our professionalism has been learnt patiently and with the use of modern and traditional techniques and, the skill and experience of our craftsmen allows us to constantly grow and improve.

Over time that dedication, driven by passion has changed from a professional activity into our philosophy and, after 50 years of hard work, we can state that perfection is in our very nature.

Leo Constructions started as small business and grew to become a stock company, with the expansion of our horizons and areas of interest we have reached important professional goals, without forgetting our origins and the values that inspired us.

About us: the values that characterise us.

Leo Constructions is a stock company (€ 2.500.000,00) working in the sectors of design, construction, plant design, renovation, preservative restorations and real estate.

At present, thanks to our organisational structure, staff and equipment, we are placed at the top level of qualified and experienced Construction companies.

Our mission is to design and implement projects that stand out for their seriousness and reliability, in the full respect of common law, the rights of our workers and the environment.

Partnerships: the Italian Manufacturer's Association of Lecce (Confindustria).

Leo Constructions adheres to the Italian Manufacturer's Association, the most important entrepreneurial organization in Italy, with over 120.000 associated companies, and in turn is connected to all the main European entrepreneurial representations.

This allows the company to confront itself daily with new settings and general problems of the industry, participating actively to the definition of territorial development strategies.

Technicals staff: people make a company great.

Dedicated people with professionalism and know-how. The men and women working for Leo Constructions are the true value of the company.

A team made up of approximately 160 people, each with specific skills and experience within the different sectors of the construction industry. A management attentive to the quality, the environment and the safety in the different working phases.

We have an abundance of highly qualified professionals, such as engineers, architects, building surveyors, land surveyors, building site experts and specialised workers. The training and constant updating of technical courses on modern building techniques and materials represent a fundamental aspect of our management. We also believe it is important to choose carefully our partners and suppliers.

Training: a specialised approach.

Training is the foundation of the company.

In order to develop, a company needs to innovate itself and train staff with specialised skills and professionalism.

Here at Leo Constructions we invest in the continuous training of our staff. We also believe it is important organise internships for young people to motivate the passion for their work and be urged on by the desire to develop themselves as professional individuals.

Special attention is given to professional orientation, through collaboration programs with schools and universities also, innovative projects and internships allowing the participant to study, work and gain experience at the same time.

The importance of training as a crucial asset, has allowed the company to be awarded the "Premio Impresa Formativa", created by Confindustria, the most important managerial association in Italy and personally handed by the national President, Mr. Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, during the annual assembly in Lecce.

Suppliers area

Simona Fersini

Suppliers Manager

Suppliers Area

Please send invoices to the following e-mail adress

LEO COSTRUZIONI S.p.A. has implemented a process  of thorough selection of our Suppliers.
As part of the Integrated Management System, our List of Qualified Suppliers enables us to comply with the ISO 9001: 2015 standards and:
- evaluate the Suppliers/Subcontractors and their ability to meet the requirements set by Leo Costruzioni S.p.A.;
- select the Suppliers/Subcontractors to contract.

Your eligibility to be included in our List of Qualified Suppliers will be assessed based on the information provided in the questionnaire below.

Registered Office *
Operational Headquarters *
VAT / Tax Code *
Registration in the National Business Register (e.g. Companies House)
Registration Certificate (if applicable) Dimensione massima: 2.5 Mb nei formati jpg, jpeg, png, pdf, doc
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a) Quality Management System
Do you have a quality management system compliant with ISO 9001 : 2015?
Please attach your ISO 9001:2015 certification here The maximum file size is 2.5 Mb. File must be in one of the following formats: jpg, jpeg, png, pdf, doc
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b) Environmental Management System
Do you have an environmental management system compliant with ISO 1400 : 2015?
Qui potete allegare la certificazione ISO 14001:2015 The maximum file size is 2.5 Mb. File must be in one of the following formats: jpg, jpeg, png, pdf, doc
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c) Work Safety Management System
Do you have a safety management system compliant with ISO 45001 : 2018?
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d) Further Certifications
Do you have any futher certifications?
Please specify any further certifications *
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e) Licences or Patents
Do you have any licences or patents?
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f) Terms of payment offered to your customers*
Payment in advance
Direct transfer
Deferred payment
g) Transport and delivery on site
h) After-sale assistance
i) Price list
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Company's sales representative:

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Customers area

Simona Fersini

Customer Manager

Customers Area

Our commitment for our customers' satisfaction.

The company policy on Quality, the Environment and the Occupational Health and Safety is defined by our choice of direction and will remain in tune with the company's guidelines. We aim to meet the requirements of our customers as well as all parties involved (both internal and external to the company) and the constant will to improve our performance.


For success, our management directs it's attention at:

- Ensuring and maintaining the quality of the works carried out to the highest standard;

- A quality customer service with, constant improvements;

- Maintaining an active role within corporate structure to promote the continuous improvement and effectiveness of Support groups.


The constant communication the company maintains with its customers, (acquired or potential ones) aims at creating a proactive cooperation. The latter helps in understanding the customers' needs and expectations while at the same time allowing the customers to be acquainted with available products and services.


Leo Constructions uses several means to continue a high standard of Customer Satisfaction. One of them is the following questionnaire that can be filled in anonymously. It is an important instrument used by us to keep tracks on the important relationship we have with our customers.


Please fill in the questionnaire and send it to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Questionario di valutazione del servizio reso

Questionario di valutazione