'Leo Costruzioni SpA Scholarship': we build the future of the new generations

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Leo Costruzioni SpA Scholarship
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The project involving the future surveyors of the Galilei-Costa-Scarambone Institute specialising in 'Construction, Environment and Territory’ has been launched.


The initiative stems from the need to train and recruit specialised personnel whose skills and knowledge reflect the requirements needed to make their way into the construction world following their studies. All this comes with a strong desire to bring young people closer to a stimulating professional reality that offers countless opportunities.


Our company will provide three scholarships for the three students of each school year with the best grades based on the three annual tests required by school regulations. Therefore there will be three awards ceremonies for each year of study. Importance will be given to both technical and core subjects since the company's objective is to reward young people who demonstrate transversal competencies. The overall grade will therefore result from the arithmetic mean of all marks for all subjects.


Last December 22nd, the first of the three awards ceremonies scheduled for the current school year took place in the presence of the owners of Leo Costruzioni SpA, Elio, Massimo and Andrea Leo, of the Headmaster Gabriella Margiotta, and the project representatives, Patrizia Giannaccari and Giuseppe Politano.