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Our collaborator Martina
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Meet Martina, our collaborator since November 2021

How did you get into the construction world?

The passion for constructions is in my DNA: my grandfather worked in a construction company and passed on his passion to me since I was a child. As I started developing a strong interest in building design, I chose to enrol at a College specialised in all construction-related subjects. It was during my studies that I discovered more in depht and through practical experience the reality of the building site and I became very passionate about it.



How did your journey at Leo Constructions start?

I took part in a work-related learning programme during the third year of high school which allowed me to gain some practical experience within the company. When I finished my studies in June 2021 I decided to apply for an open position. And it worked out!



What is your role?

I support the Design Team in various activities, such as site inspections, meetings with customers and residents, drafting of technical reports and contracts. Lately, thanks to the tax bonuses for building renovation works, most of our projects have involved ordinary and extraordinary maintenance and energy efficiency interventions, so I also supported the team in drafting the necessary documentation for banks and credit management.



What aspect of your job do you find most challenging?

Surely being able to learn from competent people within a well-organised and structured company. I feel I am trusted and given an opportunity to grow every day. I feel rewarded and always stimulated to improve.



What piece of advice would you give to a young person who wants to enter the construction world?

To always keep an open mind, treasure every experience and learn from all people and circumstances.



Where do you see yourself in five years?

I hope to be specialised in my field and to be fully satisfied with my career path, which I hope will continue to evolve.


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