Meet Gabriele, our collaborator since July 2017

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Gabriele, Logistics and Transports
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How did you get into the construction world?

I have always had a strong passion for photography which prompted me to attend art school, where I also approached technical drawing and art history. It was therefore my interests that led me to observe more and more the environment that surrounds me and to question myself on how the architectural works that I ventured to study and photograph are born. Surely I was also inspired by my father who has been working in the construction field for years and has always shared his experience with me.


How did your journey at Leo Constructions start?

Mine is a rather intricate path! I started in July 2017 with an internship at the Bidding & Tendering Department where I supported the team with all public tender procedures. I was then given the opportunity to spend a few months in the Accounting Office during which I acquired a global view of the company and its various departments. Subsequently, I began dealing more closely with the Logistics and Transportation Office and I developed such a great passion for equipment and materials that I asked to be employed in the warehouse. The time in the warehouse and the year and a half I spent on a construction site as an assistant carpenter and tiler are certainly the experiences that have shaped me the most and allowed me to get to know the reality of the building industry in its most practical facets. I can say with certainty that the practical experience I gained both in the warehouse and on the construction site is the key that allows me to be successful in my current role.


What is your current role and what do you find most inspiring?

For three years now I have been dealing with logistics and transports, which means I manage vehicles, equipment and materials following their purchase. What I like most about this role is being able to discover latest generation and top-of-the-range goods and machinery through which we aim to guarantee the highest working standards for our employees and the best quality of our work for our clients.


What piece of advice would you give to those who are taking their first steps into the world of work?

I would definitely advise them to get to know the sector and the company they work for from every angle, making the most of all the opportunities to learn something new, even if not in your field. Personally I think it was a great fortune to be able to work in both operational and office-based roles and acquire transversal skills.


What are your plans for the future?

I am considering taking a Surveyor Certification since I am passionate about construction sites and I would like to further develop my experience in that field as well.


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