Women in construction: let's get to know Suela

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Let's get to know Suela
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How did you get into the construction world?

I attended the Art Institute where I was lucky enough to meet a Teacher of Architecture who made me love drawing and notice I had a talent for design. This is how I discovered my passion which then led me to pursue a degree in Engineering.


How did you join Leo Constructions?

After working for a construction company where my role required me to spend a lot of time in the office, I realised I wanted to experience the reality of the construction site firsthand. I learnt about the company through word of mouth and right after my first interview I understood that they could offer me the opportunity I was after.


What is your role?

I am a Site Manager and for some time now I have been following the works of the Levante Village residence, a complex of 44 semi-detached houses. Specifically, I monitor the development and quality of the works performed by liaising regularly with the Construction Foreman and the customers in order to identify their needs and expectations and satisfy them. My duties also include supply control, cost management and making sure all safety procedures relating to the construction site and the workforce are implemented.


What aspect of your job do you find most inspiring?

I'm lucky because I always have the opportunity to learn new things and it gives me great satisfaction to see a project that was originally only a piece of paper coming to life.


What challenges does your job present you with?

The biggest challenge is certainly making our customers happy. I always feel a strong sense of responsibility towards them because they are often young couples who are about to realise their dream of buying their first home and building a future together. Their expectations are therefore very high and meeting them is a daily challenge


What skills are needed to excel in your role?

In addition to training, it is absolutely necessary to learn on the job through experience on the construction site. As in many jobs, a good dose of determination is also essential to achieve one's goals. In my case I believe that this was the decisive factor that, together with my passion, allowed me to undertake this career despite the fact that the Art Institute had provided me with little technical foundations. Lastly, I believe it is essential to have excellent listening skills in order to best deal with all stakeholders involved in the management of a construction site and, above all, with the customers, whose needs I always try to understand by putting myself in their shoes.


What advice would you give to a woman who wants to enter this industry?

To never get discouraged. Construction is still a man’s world, but for some years now things have finally been changing and great results can be achieved with enthusiasm and confidence in one's own abilities.


What would you like to see in the future of Leo Constructions?

I would like the company to keep the dynamism and drive to always accept new challenges and be at the forefront of the industry, characteristics that have been distinguishing the company for some time already.


What do you think you would be doing now if you hadn't pursued this career?

I would definitely be a chef! I love cooking.